Investment Analysis

Expert Guidance

Looking to invest in direct equity real estate? Need help screening deals as they come across your desk? Let us run the numbers and assess potential returns, risks, and strategic fit. Whether you wish to completely outsource your analysis or need Pink Lion LLC to integrate into your existing framework - we will do so effectively.

How we help

Deal Screening

Investment Underwriting

Go/No-Go decisions and analysis on broker offering memos as they cross your desk based upon your investment criteria.

Have us underwrite and model your deal from scratch.  Gain wisdom and insights to empower your investment decision making.

Investment Memorandums

In part or in whole.  Review or ground-up work.  Leverage our services to bring quality memorandums to your investment committee.


Schedule a no obligation discussion to assess your problems, tasks, and requirements.




We will propose our solution with your feedback and input.  Iterate and define the deliverable.



You will be provided solutions and a final series of calls to walk you through any deliverables and ensure your satisfaction.


I would absolutely work with him again in the future and highly recommend him. A big thank you to the analyst for helping me out in a pinch.


Let us help you make

better real estate decisions 

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